Sheena Howarth

© Sheena W Howarth

Sheena was at Liverpool College of Art, completing 4 years studying Graphic Design. The next ten years she worked in York as a freelance artist and as archaeological illustrator for the York Archaeological Trust.

Sheena has exhibited paintings in Pompeii, Italy, in York, England and has had many exhibitions in Texas and Connecticut in the U.S.A.  She is a member of the Birmingham Watercolour Society and exhibits with them each year.

Latest Work

Sheena recently decided to change the direction of her artwork style – no explanation – it just evolved!

  • Joy of Spring

    Gouache and collage on paper size 24 x 24cms

  • Hearts of Love

    Ink and collage on paper size 24 x 24cms

  • Game of Life

    Acrylic and collage on paper size 28 x 24cms

  • Watchful Eye

    Gouache and acrylic on paper size 35 x 47cms

  • Time by the Sea

    Acrylic and collage on paper size 24 x 24cms

  • Life’s Journey

    Mixed media on paper. size 26 x 30cms

  • Peony Petals

    Ink and collage on paper size 20 x 20cms

  • Happy in Blue

    Gouache and acrylic on card size 28 x 38cms

  • Prehistoric Stones

    Acrylic on paper size 35 x 45cms

  • Spring Love

    Ink and acrylic on paper. Size 24 x 24cms

  • Jazzy Style

    Acrylic and collage. Size 30 x 30cms

  • Bowl of Cherries

    Collage on card size 17 x 17cms

  • Loads of Love

    Acrylic and collage on paper size 24 x 24cms

  • Directions of Travel

    Gouache on paper Size 32 x 29 cms

  • The Last Egg

    Gouache on paper Size 42 x 30 cms

  • Experiment 2

    Gouache on paper Size 45 x 34 cms

  • Signs on the Hill

    Gouache on paper Size 40 x 30 cms

  • Running Bird

    Gouache on paper Size 30 x 20 cms

  • By the Sea

    Gouache on paper Size 50 x 30cms

  • Love Hearts

    Acrylic on Board   size 24 x 30cms

  • Bird in Colour 2

    Acrylic on Board  24 x 30 cms

  • Cathedral Reflections 1

    Gouache on Paper.  size 35 x 30cms   Sold

  • A Meeting

    Gouache on Paper   size 34 x 27cms 

  • Belize

    Acrylic on Board  size 24 x 30cms

  • Vision Quest

    Acrylic on Board    size 24 x 30cms  

  • Mexican Mystery

    Acrylic on Board   size 24 x 30cms

  • Swimming in St Ives 1

    Acrylic on board   size 24 x 30cms

  • Running Bird 2

    Gouache on Paper   size 33 x 24cms

  • Bird & Heart

    Acrylic on Board. size 8 x 24cms

  • Bird & Vase

    Acrylic on board 30 x 24 cms


Sheena is very dedicated to environmental causes and the present problems with Climate Change. As things hot up metaphorically as well as literally, she hopes to be able to continue this theme as an important part of her artwork.

  • Animals gone to Sky

    Ink on board    size  60 x 35cms

  • Dwarfed by Skyscrapers

    Ink on board   size 30 x 45cms

  • Factory Effects

    Ink on paper   Size 40 x 25cms

  • Fish in Water

    Ink on paper    size 30 x 15cms

  • Gorilla gone to sky

    Ink on board   size 55 x 40cms


Through working in Archaeology, Sheena has had the unusual experience of handling and drawing hundreds of ancient objects. “I drew everything from Bronze Age brooches to Iron-Age glass beads, from Roman gold earrings, Saxon coffin lids, Viking shoes and buckets, to Medieval garnet rings and pottery. Plus many, many drawings of flints!” She was also able to do some design work on the archaeological theme and designed a poster ‘The Ages of York’ which sold for many years.

  • Viking Helmet

    Pen and Ink drawing on paper. The original is not in the possession of the artist and belongs to Y.A.T.

  • Viking Shoe

    Ink on paper    This image is not in the possession of the artist and belongs to YAT.

  • Cartoon Postcard

    Black ink on card   size  18 x 14cms

  • Anglo-Saxon Oval Brooch

    Ink on paper       illustration not in the artists possession. For the Yorkshire Museum.

  • Viking Skaters Card

    Coloured inks on card     size 8 x 12cms

  • The Ages of York poster

    printed for sale    size 70 x 45cms

  • Viking Leather worker

    Ink on paper       size 30 x 20cms

  • Anglo-Saxon Coffin Lid

    Ink on paper.   Illustration not in artists possession. For YAT.

  • Viking Bone worker

    Ink on paper      size 30 x 20cms

  • Viking Weaver

    Ink on paper      size 30 x 20cms


Over a period of 25 years Sheena has been involved in 12 expeditions to Belize in Central America recording artifacts from the Maya period. She enjoyed these digs immensely, working in the jungle as part of a team of professionals for months on end in very primitive circumstances. One of her most treasured memories is of spending a week recording 4 Mayan stelae in situ just discovered in Southern Belize. "Working in the same area over a period from 1973 to 2000 sadly we were able to see the jungle environment change beyond recognition. From the lush exotic growth of a healthy forest cover full of spider monkeys, parrots and enormous butterflies, year by year it was cut down for cattle pasture and of course the ecosystem totally changed. Maybe this is similar to what happened in the Mayan collapse in the 9th century AD.

  • Cuello Section drawing

    Ink on drawing film.  Example of archaeological technical drawing. Not in possession of the artist.

  • Palenque

    Watercolour on paper  size 28 x 38cms

  • Copan

    Watercolour & Pen on paper   size 35 x 40cms

  • Nimli Punit Stela 15

    Pen and Ink on drawing film.    (stela size 1.9m x 3.9m)  drawing not in artists possession

  • Nimli Punit Stela 2

    Pen & Ink on Drawing film.     ( size of stela 1.54m x 4.32m )  original drawing not in possession of the artist.

  • Nohmul, Belize

    Pen & Ink sketch    size 20 x 25cms

  • Orange Walk, Belize

    Pen & Ink on paper    size 34 x 20cms

  • Jungle Scene

    Watercolour & Acrylic on paper  size 50 x 35cms

  • Honduras

    Watercolour and Ink on paper      size 28 x 35cms

  • Nimli Punit, Belize

    Watercolour and pen on paper   Size 48 x 35cms


Sheena was lucky enough to work in Pompeii as part of the 'Pompeii Project'. She spent 6 seasons helping to record a complete 'Insula' and doing detailed scale drawings of wall plaster frescoes from the House of the Menander. "It was a wonderful experience to work inside almost complete Roman buildings, walking barefoot on mosaics and gazing at wall-plaster all day. While working there I became fascinated by groups of amphorae that stood in the corners of some rooms. Over the years these were moved about and changed, often overgrown with weeds and then tidied up. I took many photos and made some paintings of these groups of pots 'talking' to each other.

  • Pompeii Pots

    Watercolour on paper    size 20 x 15cms

  • 6 Pompeii Pots

    watercolour on paper   size   40 x 45cms

  • House of Venus, Pompeii

    Watercolour on paper   size 26 x 30cms

  • Peristyle, Pompeii

    Watercolour on paper     size  28 x 36cms

  • Caccia Antica, Pompeii

    Watercolour on paper   size 35 x 45cms   Sold

  • Menander Garden

    Watercolour on paper     size 35 x 28cms

  • Via Della Fortuna

    Watercolour on paper  size 30 x 40cms   Sold

  • The Calidarium, Menander

    Watercolour on paper    size 35 x 40cms

  • House of Menander

    Watercolour on paper     size  38 x 50cms

  • Porta Marina

    Watercolour on paper   size 28 x 42cms

  • Menander Peristyle

    Watercolour on paper   size   28 x 38cms

  • Temple of Apollo

    watercolour on paper   size 27 x 27cms

  • Pompeii Pots 2

    Watercolour on paper     size  35 x 25cms

  • Pompeii Pots 4

    Watercolour on paper    size  25 x 28cms

  • Pompeii Pots 5

    Watercolour on paper    size 25 x 20cms


In 1987, Sheena went to America to live on a cattle ranch in central Texas near a place called Rosebud. She helped look after a herd of cattle, helped to build two homes, farmed pecan trees, drove a tractor and ran a large garden using Permaculture techniques. In between all that work Sheena was able to begin a new style of art, encouraged by a painting commission for a bank in Rosebud on the theme of 'community'. This started a group of paintings in the style of 'Cityscape' " I did a whole series of these paintings as private commissions for individuals, hospitals, schools and restaurants for a number of years and had several exhibitions. I enjoyed doing these detailed paintings, but they were very labour intensive and all around me I could see artists doing work that obviously didn't take much time, but sold well and so this style of mine soon came to and end ! "

  • Bar Harbor, Vermont

    Oil & Acrylic on board    size 100cms x 70cms   SOLD

  • Eastford,Connecticut

    Oil & Acrylic on canvas   size 50 x 50cms SOLD

  • Brodsworth

    Oil and Acrylic on board   size 1metre x 70cms SOLD

  • Connecticut University

    Acrylic & Oil on canvas   size 150 x 120cms   Sold

  • Scott&White View, Texas

    Oil and Acrylic on board       size 90 x 60cms     Sold

Blue Landscape

" Having lived in America for so many years, I was greatly influenced by the brilliant blue skies of Texas and the lovely calming atmosphere of Connecticut. These elements crept into my paintings and returning to England also into my attempts at paintings here. So to replace the gloomy skies of England with a perpetual calming blue really cheers one up ! "

  • Jerusalem

    Oil on canvas     size 100cms x 70cms   SOLD

  • Scott&White,Texas

    Oil & Acrylic on board   size 100cms x 30cms  SOLD

  • Blue Hills

    Oil on canvas   size 60 x 30cms

  • Italian Blue


  • Bowland Blue


  • Blue Malvern Hills

    Oil on canvas  size 180 x 30cms

  • Malvern Hill from Croome

    Oil on canvas.   size 100 x 30cms  Sold 

  • Malvern Hills 2

    Oil on canvas   size 60 x 30cms

  • Roman View

    Acrylic on canvas, with Dutch Gold surround   size  120 x 100cms

  • Blue Crags

    Oil on canvas   size 100 x 50cms  Sold


After moving to Connecticut and being thoroughly adjusted to the American way of life and really enjoying being in Connecticut, Sheena unexpectedly returned to England in 2007, which was somewhat of a shock. " Now adjusted back to life in England !... I have a studio in which to work and the time and space to create. This has given me the freedom to experiment. I can apply the dictum that, if you are going to experiment, you must expect failure and through failure comes progress and something new happens. Hence my NEW style, which takes us back to the beginning of this website. I am thinking now that the joy and warmth and lively energy of living in America must have left its mark on my present work "

  • Belize Jungle

    Watercolour and pen on paper     size   50 x 35 cms 

  • Stonehenge

    Watercolour and acrylic on paper   size  50 x 30cms

  • Happy Girls

    Pencil on paper      size 60cms x 40cms

  • Easter Island

    Gouache on Paper   size  36 x 44cms

  • Flower Design

    Ink & Watercolour on paper   size 58 x 43cms

  • Dog Mugs

    Pencil & Watercolour on paper  Size  24 x 10 cms

  • Connecticut Home

    Pen and Ink on paper   size  60 x 25cms SOLD

  • Medical Illustration

    Ink on Paper   size 15 x 15cms

  • Cromlech Pentre Ifan

    Watercolour & Pencil on paper  size 40 x 28cms

  • Roman Eagle

    Crayon, pencil & watercolour on paper   size 28 x 28cms

If you would like to contact Sheena about her work or to commission a painting, please contact this e-mail and we will reply a soon as possible.